September 17, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Where can the products ship to?

We do not ship internationally due to licensing restrictions. USA ONLY.

What are the costs of shipping?

Shipping costs have been given flat rates based off of weight and quantity. The shipping cost you see in "My Products" is the cost of an item to ship by itself. Shipping cost per item decreases as additional items are added to the order. Shipping costs are as follows:

    - The item with highest shipping cost is the base shipping cost

- Each additional item incurs a $2 shipping cost

How does ApparelPop! handle returns?

ApparelPop! will accept returns only on items that do not meet the requirements of the purchase order:

Also, if a payment fails after a valid credit card is put on file, that merchandise will not ship until a valid payment method has been updated and the merchandise has been paid for.

• ApparelPop! will refund for products that are different from that specified in the original order.

• ApparelPop! will refund if the item has a printed or material flaw; picture documentation is required from the end customer.

• Please note ApparelPop!’s “Sublimation Imperfections” guidelines: Click Here

• ApparelPop! will not accept returns when a customer does not like the print, the size or the color of the garment.

• Note: ApparelPop! does not guarantee blank garment “color-matching”.

• ApparelPop! will not accept returns for damages incurred during shipping. Please contact the respective carrier to file a damage claim.

Will my customers know the products come from ApparelPop?

No. All orders are shipped with a generic packing slip that does not detail ApparelPop.

Do you have a sizing chart?

You can view the sizing chart by clicking here.

Do I need to have a credit card on file to sell your products?

Before we fulfill any orders, you will need to have valid credit card on file. Until then, customers will be able to place orders, but we will not ship any orders until we have a valid card on file.

What type of products should I sell?

Sometimes Apparelpop doesn't have the products you are looking for. You are still unsure on what to sell. We have partnered with Phirst to help you out.

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Learn more about Phirst in their niche hunter article.